If you’re tired with sex then you definitely ought to take note today. The chances are your wife is bored with your sexual relationship too. This is very bad news without a doubt. Discover the reason and read on.

If you believe you should spice up your sex life then the chances are your wife is in agreement even if you havent really spoken about this. A recent survey revealed some quite interesting details which all guys ought to read and genuinely think about:

– More than half of women questioned said they were either bored or could not recall the last time they had sexual intercourse.

– 60% of ladies seldom have date nights, which very likely plays a role in a poor sex life.

– 72% of ladies interviewed say they’ve considered leaving their partners at some point or other.

Men this is serious, be honest nearly all guys could and ought to put a lot more effort into their relationship with their wife. It is easy to take your relationship for granted and get into a rut. You can do simple things like say I love you to your spouse every day (and say this like you mean it).

How To Spice Up Your Love life

Look men there are some simple tips to help spice up your sex life and really get your romantic relationship back on track and to begin to really feel the love once again. Alright fellas are you ready?

Recreate Your First Dates  Revisit some of those places you visited when you initially got together. For those who have moved away then just attempt to be creative as you were in the past. The tip is to pay attention to your partner.

Be Innovative  Look if you love life has grow to be staid change things up a bit. If you do it with the lighting off normally; then try diffused lighting, candlelight or in front of a fire place the play of shadow can be a enormous turn-on.

Change Of Location  Making love doesnt have to necessarily mean the bedroom guys. It is time to use your imagination why not surprise and lure her in to the shower or have some fun on a kitchen counter.

Fantasy  Look why not uncover what each others fantasies are. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but if she’s always had a thing for a firemans uniform then why not? It goes both ways, should you have always enjoyed the thought of a naughty nurse then why not suggest she might like to try putting on an outfit for you personally?

Look most of these kind of suggestions are extremely simple but simple to implement there are plenty of more things that can be done. You just need a little time to think about it and what your wife may like.

Look fellas it simply requires some imagination and by putting in the effort your wife will really appreciate it. The fact you’re making the attempt as well as trying to alter things says that you genuinely care for your wife and want her to be happy.